Company Profile

   Company Profile

 We take this opportunity to brief you on our core business to your esteemed organization;


Treestar Electronics company was established in 2010 with a focus on total electronics/eletricals solutions to corporate customers, and it is the one of the most efficiently run electronics/electricals wholesale and retail in the region. Treestar is a progressive electronic/Electrical products distributor,vendor authorized stockkiest that operate in the niche markets concentrating on electronic/electrical products and components,it has knowledge and background to allow Treestar to become one of the leaders in the worldwide electronic/electrical supply and distribution.

Treestar ,is a electronics/electricals company that supplies the full range of World Class products including;tv sets,dvds,inverters,speakers,satellite recievers,cctv cameras, cband lnbf,satellite dishes,amplifiers,woofers,wireless microphones,storage devices, tv  motherboard,electricals solutions eg East Africa cables,powermax cables, cast cables, consumer units,  etc.

. Additionally, we have a fully equipped and professional workshop that handles after-sales support and service/Maintenance contracts.

Many services are offered including;kitting, buffer stock, along with a strong market network of agents distributing to the various places in Kenya.Also has  wide range of technical outsourcing ranging from consultation to technical job. The type which we offer is customer base and friendly to our client.

We  have a team of experts who help our customers realized their vision of a customer system & project management.

We look forward to work with you on this important assignment.



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